Climas que inspiran

This week I'll spend my spring break in Palmar de Ocoa, known for the warm dry environment, but for also been a beach destination.

In the dry warm area are very high differences between day and night temperatures, solar radiation is very high and the humidity is very low. 

The use of color has been very characteristic of Mexican architecture , not only in their textile details , but in structure ; as the architect Luis Barragan. Where this celebrates the modern architecture with the regional , as I call this an "emotional " experimentation ; which embodied elements like the color on the wall, thick concrete walls, rustic wood, open spaces such as the garden and terrace, and the austere facade that gets mimic the property in the context of the colony; while generating spaces to feel and see.

Barragan said that between 40 and 60 of the last century in Mexico binomial of modern architecture and local culture was discussed ; how to get a relationship between the two , to which proposed a vanguard style Barragán conjugated regional elements as simple as color or space.